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Borovets Skiing

Borovets Region

If you are looking for an exciting and unusual Greek holiday then you really cannot go wrong with the Dodecanese Islands. Interestingly, they are actually much closer to Turkey than they are to Greece, even though they are most definitely Greek islands.

There is a lot to see and do on the Dodecanese Islands and there is an interesting mix between traditional island life and built-up resorts that are hugely popular with tourists.

They are very popular for villa holidays, especially for families and older people, as many of the islands are geared towards traditional village life rather than the large hotels you'll find in some of the larger resorts.

This means that there are plenty of lovely Dodecanese Islands villas to choose from.

Rhodes Island

The largest of the islands is Rhodes, which is very popular with tourists. If you are keen to get involved with bustling nightlife and in be in an area where you'll find lots of tourists then Faliraki could well be the resort for you.

Borovets Skiing

Skiing in Borovets

Lindos is also popular due to its ancient acropolis and exciting heritage.

If you want to explore somewhere on the island with a more metropolitan flavour then you should visit Rhodes City, which is where the local government is based and it is the largest city on the island.

There are lots of Rhodes Island Villas available so you shouldn't have any trouble when it comes to finding suitable accommodation for you and your party.

Island of Kos

Borovets Rila Summer Views

Rila Mountain Range, Borovets

Another popular island in the chain is Kos, which is located close to the Turkish coast. There are lots of different types of rocks there and the island was originally part of a mountain chain, meaning it is of considerable geographic interest.

Its main industry is tourism due to the wide array of beautiful beaches, so there is a good infrastructure in place for anyone looking for a villa rental in the area.

Many of Kos' inhabitants work in farming, with popular crops including figs, almonds, grapes and olives.

You can get to Kos by either plane or ferry, and once you are there you will certainly have more than enough to keep you occupied.


Kalymnos is another popular destination in the Dodecanese and Massouri is the tourist centre of that island.

The Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery, Borovets

There are lovely sea breezes and limestone cliffs there that make it popular with Greek and foreign tourists alike during the warmer summer months.

Many people on Kalymnos speak English, French or German as well as Greek and the Monastery of Saint Sava is a must-see while you are there.

It is also one of the best rock climbing destinations in the world and there are beautiful olive gardens and restaurants where you can relax and soak up the scenery.

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