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Black Sea Coast

Black Sea Coast

As the name suggests, the Ionian Islands of Greece are located in the Ionian Sea. They are also sometimes known as the Western Islands, due to their position to the west of the country.

Some people also know them as the 'Heptanese' in Greek, which means 'Seven Islands'. As well as the seven main islands, there are also many smaller ones that make up the Ionian Islands.

They are very popular for their amazing countryside, beautiful beaches, lovely villages and stunning architecture.

If you are thinking of going on holiday to Greece then the Ionian Islands are a great option due to the wide range of private villa accommodation available.


Historically, the Ionian Islands were ruled by Venice and even though they are now part of Greece, Italian is still spoken as a popular second language.

Golden Sands Resort

Golden Sands Beach Resort

Greece is the main language of the islands, although English, French and German are all also popular foreign languages spoken by locals, largely due to the nature of the tourists who visit there.

Each of the islands is very different and has its own characteristics, so if you are thinking of going on holiday to the Ionian Islands and are considering a villa rental, it might be worth either planning some time to visit each island or researching which one you would prefer to go to beforehand.

Zakynthos Island

Sunny Beach Resort

Sunny Beach Resort

Zakynthos has a diverse nature despite being relatively small. Laganas is the main party town on the island and it is filled with nightclubs and bars, as well as beaches and other attractions that are especially popular with younger people.

There are also quieter areas on the island, though, such as Agios Nikolaos which, while being very tiny, is an important port on the island.

If you are looking for Ionian Islands villas, Vasillikos on Zakynthos is a good place to look as there are no major hotels there and instead it is a very quiet area with a lot of villas to choose from.


You can see some lovely Venetian architecture in Kefalonia and, if you visit the island of Lefkada, you will find one of the most beautiful islands in the group, making it a great place to holiday.


Stylish Sozopol at Night

Lefkada used to be connected to the mainland and was largely run by the Turks during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries after the Venetians handed it over in exchange for control of Kefalonia and Ithaki.

The island is famous for its vineyards, olive groves and lace-making. Choosing a villa as your holiday accommodation is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and find out more about how the locals live.

There are a few tourist resorts, but most of the island is agricultural, which gives it a different flavour to some of the other Ionian Islands.


Varna, Bulgaria

Varna, Black Sea Coast

Corfu is another popular Ionian Islands destination. It is said that Shakespeare used it as inspiration for the island in The Tempest and Corfu retains its natural beauty despite being a very popular tourist destination.

In the past, the island has been fought over by many nations and so the resulting architecture left behind by multiple civilisations is definitely worth exploring.

One thing is for certain: wherever you visit in the Ionian Islands and whichever Ionian Islands villas you stay in during your break, you will never be short of things to see and do.

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